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Solar Power Conversions

Think-Smart partners with carefully selected established solar installers and suppliers, with years of experience in the solar industry.  Read more


Solar Water Heaters & Pumps

The energy market is changing. Solar is now the most versatile and accessible form of renewable energy for domestic installations. Read more


Central Vacuum Systems

We Import, Install and Distribute central vacuum systems and water filtration systems throughout South Africa.
Read more


Water Filtration Systems

Think-Smart imports high-quality NSF certified water filtration systems, with the aim to supply clean safe water to every tap in your house. 

NEW Latest DIY Much Sought-after Smart Phone Wireless Alarm Systems

Numbers do not lie and they make for a pretty grim reading about safety and security in South Africa. The country, after all, is still regarded as one of the most unsafe places on Earth. The number of murders in South Africa climbed to the highest level in at least a decade as an overburdened police force struggled to keep violent crime in check.

Robbery at residential premises, or “house robbery” as it is commonly referred to, remains one of the most feared crimes and are the crime categories with the highest incidences of reported crimes to the police over the years.



Tuya smart wireles wifi camera kit   Smart home outdoor surveilance camera system with floodlight
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DIY Package Specials on Popular New Smart Alarm Surveillance Systems
Tuya Smart WiFi GSM Alarm System
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Tuya Smart WiFi GSM Alarm System
2.0MP Low Power WiFi HD Battery Camera
2.0MP WiFi Solar HD Battery Camera arrow

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