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  1. Background

    a. Company History

    Think Smart Built-in Systems is a family-owned business in South Africa, with more than ten years experience in the building industry and was established in 2006. We start to import central vacuum systems from Canada after reading studies that show a measurable improvement in indoor air quality when vacuum systems which exhausted air outside the home. We realize that noisy conventional portable vacuum systems are un effective in vacuuming allergic and toxic household dust from the home or work place and that built-in central vacuum systems is a superior means of cleaning and vacuuming indoor dust.

    Being very health conscious we start importing and installing water filtration systems in 2012, after reading recommendations by the Silent Spring Institute, the only nonprofit scientific research organization specifically dedicated to breast cancer prevention, that water filtration systems can help prevent breast cancer.

    b. What we do

    1) Central Vacuum Systems

    We Import, Install and distribute central vacuum systems and water filtration systems throughout South Africa. Our central vacuum systems are unique and we offer the widest selection of built-in central vacuum systems (more than 50 models) on the market, including a disposable bag, cyclonic, hybrid cyclonic, wet and dry, automatic, commercial and industrial models. They can be installed in new, partly build, apartments or existing homes, offices, factories, hospitals, etc.

    Think Smart Built-in Systems assures that all systems are designed and installed to the highest standards by our skilled fitting crews, to ensure optimal performance from the central vacuum system. Only quality approved vacuum fittings are installed and each network is vacuum tested prior to hand-over. The installation is guaranteed for life.

    2) Water Filtrations Systems

    We also import high quality NSF certified who;e house water filtration systems with the aim to supply clean safe water to every tap in the house, mainly for residential houses.

    3) Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy and water heaters

    We are also partnering with carefully selected established solar installers and suppliers, with many years of experience in the solar industry to ensure successful needs analysis, system design, installation, commissioning and the ongoing management and maintenance of the system.

    We are registered with all major local manufacturers, authorized importers and distributors of the leading worldwide pv manufacturers to secure the best quality components at the best price.

    Our partnership with these importers and manufacturers also gives us access to a wealth of knowledge and support.

    components used in all our systems are rated as some of the best quality available on the international market - supplied by leading worldwide manufacturers.

  2. Strategy & Vision

    a. Vision statement

    To make a difference in the health and lifestyles of those we serve.

    b. Mission statement

    Think Smart Built-in Systems provide long-term value to customers making living more healthy and adding convenience to their lifestyle

    c. Values

    Think Smart Built-in Systems choose to embrace the following values:

    d, Business goals & objectives

    Giving our customers. the best possible service and also doing what is the best for them.

    e. Growth strategy

    e are looking at an aggressive growth strategy to increase our footprint across South Africa.

  3. Products & Services

    a. Products

    We sell and install Central vacuum systems and water filtration systems.
    These products are also available to contractors.
    Do it yourself (DIY) options also available.

    b. Services

    We offer complete maintenance on above products.

    c. Business competitiveness

    We have products that are competitive with our completion, but also have products a range that our completion don’t have. We also have Upper market products.

    d. Quality policies

    Our products has international quality standards.
    Certified: ISO 9001, CE, CSA International, CCC.
    Green certified “link”.
    Our central vacuum systems are fitted with the worlds most reliable and well known European designed Domel and Ametek motors.

  4. Management & Ownership

    Hain van Zyl

  5. Portfolio

    Our clients include, private homes all over South Africa, various factories, Medi-Clinic South Africa, Illovo Sugar Mills in Zambia and Malawi, various golf estates such as Dainfern, Eagle Canyon, Silver lakes, Waterfall Estate,Meyersdal Eco Estate, Meyersdal Nature Estate, Houghton Estate, Mooikloof Heights, Ebotse Golf Estate, Midstream Estate, Blue Valley Golf Estate, Simbithi Eco-Estate, Zwartkop Golf Estate,Island Estate, Montechello, Xanadu Estae, Copper Leaf Golf Estate, Sable Hills, The Wilds Estate, residential estates, Clearwater Fishing Estate, Beacon Bay, Kungwini Country Estate, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile.
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Our International Suppliers:

  1. DRAINVAC International. DrainVac central vacuum cleaners are high caliber products made in Canada. DrainVac's superior technology is making quantum leaps and is defying the competition! Available for residential, commercial and industrial applications, DrainVac has a model that will meet your needs.

    DRAINVAC offers the first vacuum system with a patented automatic drain for both wet and dry cleaning. Drainvac has also developed and marketed a complete range of central vacuums for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

  2. Canature USA and Canature China are world leaders in the manufacturing of whole house and other water purifying products.

Support, service, parts, bags, filters and accessories on other central vacuum systems - central vacuum cleaners:

  1. VacuMaid - http://www.vacumaid.co.za/ - International suppliers, Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc. in America - http://www.vacumaid.com/
    When the the previous suppliers of Vacu-Maid central vacuum systems in South Africa closed their doors, we created a website to offer help and support to their existing customers.

  2. Auskay - http://www.auskay.co.za/ - International suppliers in Australia - http://auskay.com.au/
    When the the previous suppliers of Auskay central vacuum systems also closed their doors in South Africa, we also created a website to offer help and support to their existing customers.

  3. Vacuflo - http://www.vacuflo.co.za/ - International suppliers, H-P Products, Inc., 512 W. Gorgas, Louisville, Ohio 44641 in America - http://www.vacuflo.com
    When the the previous suppliers of Vacuflo central vacuum systems in South Africa closed their doors, we created a website to offer help and support to their existing customers.

  4. Hayden Central vacuum cleaners - Head Office: Canplas Industries Ltd., 500 Veterans Drive, Box 1800, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 4V3

  5. BEAM central vacuum systems - BEAM Central vacuum cleaners

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Our International Product Suppliers
  DRAINVAC International Inc
150 Brunet Street
Mont-Saint-Hilaire Quebec
J3G 4S6