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Central Vacuum Systems

We Import, Install and Distribute central vacuum systems and water filtration systems throughout
South Africa .   Read more


Water Filtration Systems

Think-Smart imports high-quality NSF certified  
water filtration systems, with the aim to supply
clean safe water to every tap in your house
..

All-in-One Solar Backup Systems

We cater for the picky buyers. Delivery and installations can be arranged country wide.   Read more











All our central vacuum hoses and accessories will fit on the following central vacuum cleaners installed in South Africa:

Drainvac, Vacumaid, Vacuflo, Auskay, Hayden, Smart, CHS, Premier Clean and BEAM.
Note - Central vacuum systems are also called:
Central vacuum cleaners or Ducted Vacuum Cleaners.

Drainvacl Vacuum Systems
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